Delicious pre-made meals, delivered fresh.

Leading a busy lifestyle and struggling to find the time to prepare tasty meals? Or maybe you just want less time over the cutting board and more time with those you love.

Our delicious ready-made meals home delivery means you no longer have to find yourself opening the fridge for the fifth time, hoping that those three eggs and one squashed tomato will miraculously turn itself into a meal.

Every dish has high quality ingredients which makes good eating easy. With our fresh, home delivered meals, you no longer have to wander aimlessly through the grocery stores or stress about meal prep in the kitchen.

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1. Pick your meals.

Browse our mouth-watering menu of fresh meals and pick your favourites. Every dish is Chef-made with high-quality ingredients and delivered from our kitchen to your doorstep. Trust our pre-made meal delivery services for food you’ll love.

2. Checkout your order.

Once you’ve picked from our range of affordable and flavoursome gourmet meals, simply proceed to checkout and select your preferred delivery date. You’ll have freshly prepared, home delivered meals in no time!

3. Enjoy!

Stress less and regain your time thanks to our meal options. Simply heat and eat! No shopping, cooking or clean-up required. Life just got a lot easier with our ready to eat meal delivery.


As a company born out of the pandemic in 2020, we aim to bring convenience and delight back into the lives of our customers. We missed our street food, so we made our own!

We’re an Australian-made, Chef-prepared, and family-owned premade meal delivery service. We know how hard it can be to maintain a busy lifestyle while making tasty meals. Our pre-packaged meals delivered right to your door are fresh, made with local ingredients, affordable and assured to satisfy any palate. If you’re seeking tasty meals delivered to your door to make your weekly meal planning stress-free, you can trust The St. Food Co.

All of our ready cooked meals delivered around QLD, NSW, the ACT, Victoria and SA are made with love from our family recipes. You can enjoy our yummy, nutritious meals fresh after heating for 3 minutes in the microwave, or opt to freeze so that you can enjoy them at a later date.

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Life has never been more go-go-go. Finding the time in a busy schedule to cook a meal that tastes good and fuels your body can feel impossible. That’s why there’s a huge range of companies that sell ready made meals, delivered to your doorstep.

So what makes our fresh meal delivery service different from the rest?

Easy ready to eat meal delivery.

When you think about ready to eat meal delivery, you might expect cuisine that is only catered for dieting. We believe differently! You don’t need a diet to inspire your decision to order fresh, home delivered meals.

While travel is limited, we bring international flavours to your doorstep. We also offer prepackaged meals delivered to suit everyone–if you have certain dietary requirements, we have options for you. All our meals are designed to just TASTE GOOD!

From our family to yours.

We’re a family business, we cook because it’s what we love. In our minds there’s nothing better than sharing a great meal with our family and friends. Ready meals, delivered to your home can feel impersonal in comparison to a hearty home-cooked meal. Every time you order from us, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll be getting a meal tasted and loved by our nearest and dearest.

Delicious meals arrive fresh.

Food you’ll love! We offer an array of tasty pre-packed meals, delivered straight to your home. We guarantee tastiness at breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert time! Order our Chef made meals now!

Fresh ingredients.

Trust us to shop for you! Each dish on our pre-cooked meal delivery menu is made only from the best quality ingredients. Need vegetarian or vegan options? We offer those too!

We care for our people.

We’re not just your average pre-prepared meal delivery service. We are driven by the desire to improve the lives of people through the comfort and nourishment of food.

We care for our environment.

We believe in sustainability and saying “no” to the plastic packaging damaging our biodiversity and clogging up our landfills! Order our prepared meals home delivery guilt-free, knowing that our packaging is 100% recyclable.


You’ve heard about our pre-made meals delivered in your area but you’re not sure if there are options for your dietary needs? Our Chefs provide great options for every palate and requirement.

With an International and Asian cuisine infusion, our menu is not only vast, but also flavoursome! Starting at $4.00, our drinks, snacks and meals are affordable and convenient! We offer:

High protein

From our popular Brooklyn BBQ Brisket to our unique Japanese Pork Curry, enjoy tasty dishes that fuel your body for longer.

No added gluten

Following a gluten-free diet shouldn’t restrict your access to tasty food.


Need a meat-free option? We’ve got you covered for just $10.95!


Get all the nutrients you’re hoping for and more!

Dairy Free

Our Chefs care about your dietary requirements without sacrificing taste!


No matter how busy your day is, experience the taste and convenience of international recipes, Chef-prepared, without the hassle or time it takes to cook.

Save time by getting freshly pre-prepared meals delivered directly to your doorstep in selected areas in QLD, NSW, ACT, SA, TAS and VIC.

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